“It is hard to trust anyone to look after my assets when I am not around.“

When you wish to write your Will, the key questions to ask are:

> Who will get what and how best to provide for your beneficiaries?
> Who do you appoint as Executor and is that person qualified to be the executor of your estate?
> Can you trust this person with everything you have and will he/she be always there for your beneficiaries?

Understandably, you may want to appoint someone close to you as the executor. However, selecting an individual to manage your estate may do more harm than good, apart from the risk of loss from misuse or mismanagement. The executor will be required to deal with various tedious and time consuming legal, taxation, accounting and administrative matters beginning with the application for probate, attending court hearings, preparing reports, etc. until the distribution according to the instructions in the Will. The process can get very complicated.

Rockwills Trustee – Your No.1 Choice

As a trustee company, we have the experience, the expertise, the impartiality and the checks and balances that will make the estate distribution a smooth process for your loved ones.

Legal knowledge of various legal issues Yes unknown
Professionalism, Expertise and Experience Yes unknown
Perpetuity and Continuity in administering the estate Yes No
Time to manage and administer the entire estate Yes No
Impartiality and Security Yes unknown
Trustworthiness and Accountability Yes unknown
Professional management skills Yes unknown
Professional indemnity Yes No
Convenience Yes No

In the process of estate administration, the role of executor is very important. Do not know who to appoint as executor? Refer to the table below on pros & cons of appointing different individuals as your executor.

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